14th June; Inauguration of the school by Rev.Fr.Antony Chemmannur Classes LKG, UKG, STD I started in the convent with 104 students.

4th June: Blessing of the Junior School by His.Grace. Archbishop Joseph Kundukulam 14th October; School receives NOC from the Dept. of Education.

3rd August; School gets recognition from the CBSE(9420/95 dated 3/8/95) 18th November; inauguration of Compu.

20th July; Inauguration of new building for Kindergarten section by Rev. Fr.Antony Mechery of Lourdes Metropolitan Church.

14th January; School recommended for affiliation to the CBSE for the Secondary level after official inspection.

First batch enters Class X.

28th January; Inauguration of Multi Media.
29th January; Inspection of facilities for upgradation by delegates from CBSE.
17th May; School receives sanction of affiliation for Senior Secondary.
29th June; Class XI started with 30 students as Group-I(Biology), Group-II(Computer Science).
6th October; First edition of the biannual school magazine" Nirmala Times" published.

7th March; First batch of Class XII students appear for the AISSCE.

27th December; Inaugural meeting of the Alumni Association.

29th October; Inauguration of Language Laboratory.

15th May; NIIT @School starts.
8th June; Scholarship instituted for the best out-going student of Class X // 10 July ; External audit for ISO Certification; School receives recommendation for ISO certification.

SABS Centenary year
The Supreme Court of India issued the Minority Status Certificate The Centenary Memorial Block Inaugurated

Introduction of Digital Revolution in class rooms- Smart Class.

New Library Inaugurated.