• Formation of intellectually advanced culturally refined and spiritually solid persons who would be the architects of the destiny of a great nation.
  • Nurturing leadership qualities and the spirit of teamwork, self discipline and responsibility in the students.
  • Self realization through awakening the latent creativity in the students through self expressive activities to bring out the best in their personality.
  • Building up a commitment to the larger community through social and environmental awareness.
  • Instilling confidence in the students to face the challenges of life with courage and determination using both co operative and competitive skills.
  • Providing quality education to the under privileged on selection basis with the vision to share with the marginalized.
  • Exposing the students to an experience of their uniqueness and preciousness through love, respect and recognition.
  • Fostering unruffled serenity of mind and body through regular prayer and meditative sessions.

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Nirmalamatha Central School

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