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Nirmala Matha Central School
To identify and nurture the innate talents of the young scholars, diverse clubs have been instituted.  The students are encouraged to discover and recognize their tastes and develop them through the club activates.
Drawing and Painting
The club provides an easel for the budding artists to flourish their first tentative strokes in the world of images and colours.  Activities are supervised by the art teachers
Soft Toys and Flower Making
Creativity is encouraged and nourished by the innumerable designs and variations  of the primary art which the students themselves can devise.
Dance and Aerobics
Classes include lessons in dance and aerobics, catering to a wide range of interests from learning a few graceful movements of exercise to a deep interest in perfecting a traditional dance form.
Music and Instrumental Music
Under expert guidance, the club offers opportunities for vocal training as well as introduction to a few musical instruments.
Karate Club
The club initiates the votaries of martial arts into the first lessons of the masterly art  of defense under professional supervision.  Admission is open to upper primary and high school students only.
Training fosters the qualities of leadership, co-operation, discipline responsibility and service and prepares the students to face the hardships of life.
To make the process of learning more lively and to remove monotony of classroom learning the school offers various activities
House system.
Participation in competitions.
Celebration of National days,
Volley Ball
Table Tennis
Mass Drill.
Field trips & Excursions.
Basket Ball
Roller Skating
School Band
Foot Ball.
Throw Ball
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NirmalaMatha Central School
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